Friday, July 31, 2009

Are You Stinky?

I am really feeling the love for the hubz right now. He likes to call me stinky and that is why I picked the skunk from this shop-it reminded me of a gift I would give him-you know "Love, Stinky". This shop is filled with all of these amazing polymer clay creatures complete with their own habitat-koalas, poodles, pigs, monkeys, and so many more! Plus you can take the little animal out of his "home". They would make a great gift-they come in a handmade box and adoption certificate-just precious and they are priced at $22.49. Leave a comment and let me know which animal would you pick and why? Roly Poly

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  1. Steffi said...
    I'd go for the Old Spot Piggy just because the Barn in the background is so detailed and perfect. :D

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