Monday, July 13, 2009

Putting Hallmark to Shame

Today I have a few picks from one seller. My picks are handmade cards from She's Batty Designs. Through Plurk and a few e-mails I have gotten to know Jamie (She's Batty) a bit and must say she is the sweetest person and her cards are simply awesome. She is an animal rescuer like myself and anyone who saves animals is a hero in my book. Now I am going on and on about how fab Jamie is but let me get to her fantastic cards. All the cards in her shop are beautiful-some more ornate than others but I thought I would share her sale with you-there are over 100 cards and postcards on sale in her shop-most of them only $1.10 plus as a bonus if you buy 5 clearance cards you can get 2 more for just 1 little ole penny! That is a prety sweet deal. I have a bit of an obsession with greeting cards and have a box devoted with dividers and everything (I know I am such a nerd) so I am all about this deal. I added a few pics - some of my faves from the clearance section.

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  1. xo.sorcha.ox said...
    Handmade cards are awesome! I love making my own or purchasing handmade ones where I can input my own greeting.
    I really dislike the mass-produced, hallmark-style cards. The greeting inside is either going to be super corny or far too general. I mean, I only give cards to the people I care about, so I want them to mean something. Handmade is definitely best!

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