Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Shops without sales is what I do on Tuesdays. Today I found a shop with a variety of cute things but my pick is this Fabulously Funky apron. I am a newlywed and even though my husband knew I didn't cook when he married me I have started trying to cook since the wedding. Of course while I am often making messes and dinners that end up in the garbage (tacos! i can't make them for the life of me) I still want to look cute in the process-what girl doesn't really? This apron is only $20 so it won't hurt the bank but it will keep you cute and clean.
Be a Domestic Diva


  1. Becki said...
    Very cute apron! I'm not much of a cook either :(
    Anonymous said...
    That is a wicked cute apron!

    -rachelgogan (swapbot)
    Whitney said...
    Oh my gosh, I am in LOVE with that apron!
    Thanks for sharing!

    -whitney / checkerboardskirt
    Anonymous said...
    Awesome apron. Best of luck learning to cook :P

    Batmamma said...
    Love it :)

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