Monday, July 27, 2009

How We Roll

Sushi soap-very cool very realistic. This tray of soap is made to order so just like the sushi place you get to select your pieces. It also includes wasabi and ginger. You get the tray for display. This set would make such a fun gift for the sushi lover in your life and at just $10 it won't break the bank.
California Roll


  1. yoon see said...
    Wow! Such cute set of sushi soap.
    Very creative:)
    MrsB said...
    What an usual set of soaps - Love them!
    Anonymous said...
    Too awesome!!! I would love soap like that!

    -rachelgogan (swap-bot)
    BeckyKay said...
    How stinkin' cute!!
    melydia said...
    I love these, but I'd never let them touch water.

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