Friday, July 31, 2009

Are You Stinky?

I am really feeling the love for the hubz right now. He likes to call me stinky and that is why I picked the skunk from this shop-it reminded me of a gift I would give him-you know "Love, Stinky". This shop is filled with all of these amazing polymer clay creatures complete with their own habitat-koalas, poodles, pigs, monkeys, and so many more! Plus you can take the little animal out of his "home". They would make a great gift-they come in a handmade box and adoption certificate-just precious and they are priced at $22.49. Leave a comment and let me know which animal would you pick and why? Roly Poly

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Go Maddog!

that is what my husband says when he is trying to get our dog all fired up and crazy! Anyway, for me today's pick is what handmade is all about. The inspiration behind it is great-you will have to read it in her shop if you are curious. But it is a simple idea this funky dog necklace-made with love and creativity. It is only $5 and I think this dog is just the right amount of Fabulously Funky and I would love to wear one around my neck. He is 3 inches long and 1 inch wide he also comes with a thread so he is ready to rock. Dog Days

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weird Wednesday

This artist has some beautiful art shots in her Artfire shop. She also has some that are oddly strange involving dolls heads and bodies. They are without a doubt eye catching and would be great at starting a conversation at you home. You can get these prints in various sizes-a 4x6 is $10.80. Brussel Sprouts Baby

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Shops without sales is what I do on Tuesdays. Today I found a shop with a variety of cute things but my pick is this Fabulously Funky apron. I am a newlywed and even though my husband knew I didn't cook when he married me I have started trying to cook since the wedding. Of course while I am often making messes and dinners that end up in the garbage (tacos! i can't make them for the life of me) I still want to look cute in the process-what girl doesn't really? This apron is only $20 so it won't hurt the bank but it will keep you cute and clean.
Be a Domestic Diva

Monday, July 27, 2009

How We Roll

Sushi soap-very cool very realistic. This tray of soap is made to order so just like the sushi place you get to select your pieces. It also includes wasabi and ginger. You get the tray for display. This set would make such a fun gift for the sushi lover in your life and at just $10 it won't break the bank.
California Roll

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This weekend's theme is glass beads. I am always amazed at these miniature little works of art and have so much respect for their creators. I want to just hold a bunch of them like a pirate holds the gold from his buried chest. I wish I knew how to do this but since I don't I like to admire others. Perhaps in my next life I will come back as a lampwork artist :)

This first one is an artist I have featured before but love her work so much had to use her again when I decided my theme was glass. Last time I mentioned she has two Etsy shops but she also has an Artfire shop. I love me some Artfire so I want to send some love that way. My pick from her shop is this cute little turtle bookmark. He is blue and green and will greet you with his adorable smile every time you reach for that book of yours. Lauren of Maybeads is also giving one of these away on her blog if you are interested check it out or you can get this one for just $14. Turtle Time

This next artist is one that has some very unique pieces in her shop. She has little glass ninjas, vampires, ghoul fingers but if that kind of thing is not your style she also has adorable fish, octopus, and many more. My pick though is a little black voo doo doll with red heart-maybe I love it so much because it reminds me of my own drawings, Squiddles - Can you see the resemblance?(mine is white) Maybe the hubz will get this one for me cause he is only $5.60. Plus another super cool feature in this shop is you can have any bead made into a pendant so it is ready to go. She will add crystals and a sterling splilampwt ring so it is ready to wear and she does this for just $2.80. That Voodoo You Do

Are you scared of aliens-I hope not and especially when they are this stinkin' cute. This little blue alien caught my eyes when I was browsing with his very cool eye that glows in the dark. How neat is that? This super fun alien is only $5.50 and the artist said drop her a line and she might can do you one in other colors if you are interested. This shop also has some very cool beads like dolls, and funky eyes, and a very cool forest fairy. Aliens at Night

Friday, July 24, 2009

Christmas Witch

It is Christmas in July in many places but for sure on Artfire. There are more than 200 pages of sale items if you type in CIJS in the search engine. That is how I found this very cool Christmas witch. I love Halloween the best with Christmas coming in a close second so anything that combines these two fantasical holidays is awesome in my book. She is on an amazing 50% sale for just $8. She would be fabulous in a guest bathroom or entryway during the holiday season. I agree it is hard to think about Christmas in July sometimes but some deals you just have to jump on. If you do your shopping now you will thank yourself come December.
Ho Ho Ho!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the Fold

My handmade item of the day is so very cool. It was one of those times I spent way too long looking through this shop at all of the awesome earrings. I finally decided on these shiny silver elephant origami earrings with small glass beads and swarovski crystals. These little guys are small-the elephant is about the size of a dime. The shop has many different colors, patterns, and animals - frogs, cranes, owls, and kittens to name a few. Plus there is a sale-buy two pair get one free-if you are anything like me it might take you a while to decide :) These guys are $12 and oh I won't forget them.
Elephant Earrings

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They especially like to come out after dark! Stuffed cock roach complete with his own little cup of coffee, he goes by the name Mini P. Handmade from beginning to end and cute in a creepy way. This is the mini version but there is also a bigger one if this is just not enough for you. We Call 'Em "Palmetto Bugs" in the South

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My picks this week come from undiscovered shops selling art to decorate your house. Make someone's day by being their first sale and make your home a bit more Fabulously Funky!
This little diva will look awesome popping off of your wall! I love the bright red and even cooler is the fact that the "canvas" is made from an old food box the paper mached with old magazines. She is a tiny little treat
measuring 5 inches tall and 3 inches from the wall.
Just $15 for this original piece and free shipping! Get Your Diva
So if you are a regular reader you know I love the birds! This next piece really jumped out at me because it looks like that beautiful pink bird is glowing. This is a limited edition print, signed and numbered - ready to frame!
It measures 8.25" by 11.25" with a one inch border. This print is $20. Get Your Birdie

Sunday, July 19, 2009

You Don't Gnome Me

So these may not be everyone's cup of tea but I love these little guys. They are so detailed and cute with their little beards and smiles. They ceramic beads that are wire wrapped and hang from a silver plated ear-wire. These cuties are only $10. Hanging with my Gnomies

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I can crochet but not so sure I could make any of these awesome jewelry pieces. Here are a few of my faves I found while browsing-I hope you enjoy :)
A little bit of punk in your blood? Then this crochet spike bracelet is perfect for you. You can also get one of these for your pooch or in spikes that are different colors. This studded steal is only $15.
I'm A Punk Rocker Yes I Am
Very cool chain necklace from a crochet queen. This one is gray and white and is only $23 but can also be done in other colors to your liking. This is one is very different in a great way.
Get Your Chain Crochet
These earrings are fun and funky and I can't really imagine how hard it must be to crochet something so small. This pair is a cone like shape in brown and orange -perfect colors for fall that is quickly approaching. These fab earrings are just $10. Crochet Cone Earrings

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bird is the Word

I imagine very few people from my generation can hear "Bird is the Word" and not think of Pee Wee Herman. I have a visual right now of him doing the dance that went so well with that song. Anyway I am getting off task-My handmade item today is an adorable bird brooch with a cute little nest of green leaves and beads. The bird is done in a flower print and he is just super cute. I think he would make a great little gift-he comes in a gift box or would be awesome on that drab shirt you should throw out but don't have the heart to-I have lots of those :) Birdie Bliss

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Professional Pooch

Does your dog need a job as much as mine does? Vet bills, special food, spot cleaner, zyrtec, vitamins (my dog really takes zyrtec and vitamins)-money money money! Now you can get your pup ready for that all important job interview with this tie. This shop has so many cute tie patterns but this was my choice because it is fun and professional at the same time. The collar is not included-you just slip the tie on your dog's favorite collar and you are goood to go. Small size is $8 and they are available in 4 sizes-x-small-large. The large is just $10. Get Your Dog Ready for the Working World

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Starting today I am gonna find something strange and unusual for my handmade item on Wednesday. Today's lamp is strangely interesting but maybe would bring on nightmares. It is $30 and comes in several other choices such as Johnny Carcinogen and El Scorcho. This one I picked is Dread Savage and I would say it is the creepiest of the crew. I am not sure about sweet dreams with this as your bed side lamp. Eerie Lamp

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Prickly But Cute

Today's pick is from a shop still waiting on their first sale and this little guy would be perfect for the seamstress in your life. He is a cute pincushion in blues and flower print. He is only $11.50 and would sure jazz up your sewing room or wherever you do all your sewing. Fun and functional this guys has it all and is full of personality.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Today I have a few picks from one seller. My picks are handmade cards from She's Batty Designs. Through Plurk and a few e-mails I have gotten to know Jamie (She's Batty) a bit and must say she is the sweetest person and her cards are simply awesome. She is an animal rescuer like myself and anyone who saves animals is a hero in my book. Now I am going on and on about how fab Jamie is but let me get to her fantastic cards. All the cards in her shop are beautiful-some more ornate than others but I thought I would share her sale with you-there are over 100 cards and postcards on sale in her shop-most of them only $1.10 plus as a bonus if you buy 5 clearance cards you can get 2 more for just 1 little ole penny! That is a prety sweet deal. I have a bit of an obsession with greeting cards and have a box devoted with dividers and everything (I know I am such a nerd) so I am all about this deal. I added a few pics - some of my faves from the clearance section.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Secret Garden

In my daily search and countless hours spent looking for fabulous handmade finds I often see these fun little jars filled with what I thought was grass. It is actually moss and is pretty much self-sufficient. You just mist it with water ever now and then. I love how magical they look and how this cute little jar brings the outdoors in. What a great housewarming gift this would make. I can imagine this in a kitchen window sill catching all the light from the morning sun or on your desk at work. This particular one is only $8.50 and has a tiny red ladybug inside. The "Grass" is Greener

Saturday, July 11, 2009

This weekend's theme is gone to the dogs! I have two dogs and am always spoiling them. One hates clothes but loves collars and has more beds than the law should allow and the other is hairless and always wears clothes cause he is always cold and loves toys more than a kid at Christmas :) So this one is for Dot and Millhouse aka B.Rad.

My first one is a Dot Dot selection. It is a travel bed with a convenient little sack to carry it in. When you get where you are going just take the pillow out and voila-instant pet bed that is water resistant which is great for accidents as well as wet grounds if you are camping-Dot Dot and I are not campers but we are happy this awesome travel bed is only $30 :) Puppy Backpack Bed

Next we have a little something for Millhouse. One of my first posts was about Millhouse being addicted to coffee-he will do anything to get to my cup of joe and extra energy is the last thing this dog needs. This is the kind of coffee I approve of for my little caffeine addict. It is a Starbarks Squeaky toy size grande but venti is also available if you need a larger size. It is made from a soft white fleece and has been puppy tested. At only $5 your dog's coffee habit will be cheaper than yours. One on Every Dog Bed

Dot really is the sweetest thing ever and this collar will make her look even sweeter! This is a crochet purple collar with white rose. It is available in several colors but can also be customized in sizes and color combos of your choice. If you dog is like Dot and just wears a collar for looks this one is perfect. I also think if you wanted your dog to be in your wedding this would be a great accessory in your wedding colors - Dot was our ring bearer :) This one is $8 and can also be made in human sizes if you want to match your pup.
Flower Dog

Millhouse is tough! He likes his tanks to show off his ripped little arms. This shirt will help him pull off his tough guy persona with a dog skull and crossbones. It is available in red and black and sizes small through extra large for 12 bones. There wasn't a dog tee in this shop that I didn't love and don't know which one I would be they are all so great. They also have one that says "I forgot my pants" and "My owner makers me wear this stupid shirt". As well as robots and skeletons tees. I love this shop and I am thinking B.Rad may need a new summer tank. Dog Tees

Friday, July 10, 2009

Poppies Everywhere

This necklace is amazing. The poppies can make you feel like its spring any time you wear it. This may not be the kind of necklace you would wear everyday but when you do wear it-wow. Imagine this one with a black strapless dress or for that matter a black v-neck tee. I would wear it on the regular cause it is just the kind of necklace I think is Fabulously Funky in the best way and only $15. Poppy Patch

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh Deer

Today's handmade item of my choice would be an adorable addition to most any room but especially a baby's or child's. It is a small felt deer head in white with different color stars on the side of her face. She has a little loop on the back to hang her anywhere you heart desires. She is a good size measuring 7 inches high by 4.5 inches side to side. She has such a sweet face and will surely bring some character into your space for $17.50. This shop also has other sizes and colors available as well as a very cute jackalope! Be a Deer

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Art With A Cause

Do you believe in Karma? I sure do-put good out in the world and it will come back to you. Today's item gets you good karma as well as cool art! All the proceeds from the sale of these postcards goes to help a super cute couple afford adoption. It is really a win win-you get awesome cards which you can frame and have instant art and you are helping others at the same time :) Set of three colorful, fun, and you know Fabulously Funky postcards for just $6.20. This shop also has original artworks for sale as well. Art 4 Adoption

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scrub a Dub

This is Terrific Tuesday Round 5 and today's theme is Fabulously Funky Handmade Soap! Remember all of these awesome shops are still waiting on their first sale so make their day and scrub away!
This is one is for the hubz. He is addicted to Rice Krispy Treats! These soaps are super fun and smell all sweet and marshmallowy! You get three "treats" for $6.99 so keep one and share some. Marshmallow Treats
It's Happy Hour. This is a margarita in the form of a really cool soap but without the nasty hangover or the after taste of tequila. The bright green color is very eye catching and the lime scent will surely remind us of summer days even after they have gone. Have you drink for $5 and drive with this one. Salt on the Rim

Soap in the shape of a potato sounds weird and cool at the same time. It actually has potato in it which is soothing to the skin. You can get this one in a variety of colors including purple and white. If you want this brown one the scent is vanilla. Other scents available in other colors of these tater tots. I was sold on this tater when I found out it comes in a mini burlap bag for $5.95. Hot Potato

Monday, July 6, 2009

Get Personal

I personally love personalized items. They make great gifts for friends by adding an inside joke or something that is special only between the two of you. They are also perfect treats for ourselves-put a mantra for yourself on this bracelet. You know something to lift your spirits, keep you focused, remind you what's important. This bracelet is customizable in every way. You choose the size, color, and of course words. You can also add designs like hearts or stars. My fave thing about this one is that it is not a thick leather bracelet-easy to wear everyday. So leave me a comment and tell me What Would You Say on your bracelet? Lovely Leather

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Have a Cow!

Let me start by saying that I am blown away by the beads this woman makes. They are so detailed, cute, and full of personality. She currently has two shops-her original shop and one for the beads that didn't quite make the cut but are still fabulous and lower priced. I chose one from this shop-a hard choice I must say. Blueberry the Cow was my winner. She is just "pinch your cheeks" adorable! If you can believe it she is only $5! She would be awesome on a necklace or bracelet. Maybe you aren't a jewelry maker-no biggie-find a bead you can't live without and I can make it into a custom necklace for you. If you have time check out both of her shops and be amazed at what this woman does- mini glass sculpture at its best. Blueberry Baby

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today being July 4th, I felt it was only right for that to be my theme for this edition of Weekend Wonders. I decided not to go over the top patriotic because hello you could not order this stuff for the 4th so instead I have found some beautiful rings in red, white, and blue.

I like my jewelry a bit different and this one certainly is. It is handmade from sterling silver and cherry red czech glass beads. The artist also oxidized it a bit to add character and hammered. This one is right up my alley and is sure to get compliments and at $35 for such amazing handmade jewelry-why not? Red She Said

"I see the moon, the moon sees me..." Yesterday my husband and I were driving and the moon was out during the day-I commented how I loved when that happened and this ring reminds of that-when the moon is out when it shouldn't be and is a brilliant white. This white ring I is made from carved bone and sterling silver and is available in sizes 4-14 including half sizes. The moon is so magical why not wear it on your finger everyday and is just $26 with free shipping. White at Night

This next ring caught my eye right away. The "stone" on this ring is an old button of cobalt blue glass. The sterling band is textured and made from reclaimed silver. The artist has a beautiful story about why she started making rings from buttons so if you have time go read. This one is also available in sizes 5-8 including half sizes. I think this ring would make a great gift for a bride-it could be her something blue that she would always have and wear. By the way this one is just $18. Feeling Blue?

Friday, July 3, 2009

You certainly have to be young at heart to wear these earrings but they are oh so much fun! As a kid of the 80's, I would absolutely rock them and my students would love them! They are made of polymer clay-that is a lot of detail is what I'm saying, especially for $10.99. These tater heads are about 1 1/4 inches long so they are a good size-not too small, not too big. This shop also has purple people eater earrings, frog prince earrings, and fabulous food earrings to name a few. Mr Potato Head

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jump! My item today is a set of hand painted bags-the artist calls them Frogger and Tadpole-cute! One is a wristlet with yellow zipper and the other is smaller with a velcro closure. Both are lined. Tadpole is great for your cash and you will have cash to put in Tadpole cause this one is on clearance for $12. This shop has amazing hand painted canvas bags with much attention to detail like matching zippers and beaded zipper pulls. Frogger and Tadpole


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