Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scrub a Dub

This is Terrific Tuesday Round 5 and today's theme is Fabulously Funky Handmade Soap! Remember all of these awesome shops are still waiting on their first sale so make their day and scrub away!
This is one is for the hubz. He is addicted to Rice Krispy Treats! These soaps are super fun and smell all sweet and marshmallowy! You get three "treats" for $6.99 so keep one and share some. Marshmallow Treats
It's Happy Hour. This is a margarita in the form of a really cool soap but without the nasty hangover or the after taste of tequila. The bright green color is very eye catching and the lime scent will surely remind us of summer days even after they have gone. Have you drink for $5 and drive with this one. Salt on the Rim

Soap in the shape of a potato sounds weird and cool at the same time. It actually has potato in it which is soothing to the skin. You can get this one in a variety of colors including purple and white. If you want this brown one the scent is vanilla. Other scents available in other colors of these tater tots. I was sold on this tater when I found out it comes in a mini burlap bag for $5.95. Hot Potato


  1. WillOaks Studio said...
    You know, I think washing WITH a potato is a really intriguing idea!! I WASH potatoes...but WITH one? Very cool...
    bikudesigns said...
    Hi there,
    Just to let you now, I left an award for you on my blog today.
    Hope you can pass it on:)

    BeesAndTrees said...
    These are all awesome, but I especially love the potato soap!
    fifiandlulu said...
    love the martini glass!!!!!
    xo.sorcha.ox said...
    I've a particular fondness for handmade olive oil soap. I especially like Goggler's Run, which is Australian. I'd be happy to share the link to her website if you are interested?
    If I saw soap that looked like Marshmallow treats, I think I'd try and eat it, ha ha!
    xo.sorcha.ox said...
    I just realised I typed "goggler's" instead of "gobbler's"! That'll teach me not to look at the screen when I'm typing, AND not to proof-read! :/

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