Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kiss My Glass Weekend Wonders

This weekend's theme is glass beads. I am always amazed at these miniature little works of art and have so much respect for their creators. I want to just hold a bunch of them like a pirate holds the gold from his buried chest. I wish I knew how to do this but since I don't I like to admire others. Perhaps in my next life I will come back as a lampwork artist :)

This first one is an artist I have featured before but love her work so much had to use her again when I decided my theme was glass. Last time I mentioned she has two Etsy shops but she also has an Artfire shop. I love me some Artfire so I want to send some love that way. My pick from her shop is this cute little turtle bookmark. He is blue and green and will greet you with his adorable smile every time you reach for that book of yours. Lauren of Maybeads is also giving one of these away on her blog if you are interested check it out or you can get this one for just $14. Turtle Time

This next artist is one that has some very unique pieces in her shop. She has little glass ninjas, vampires, ghoul fingers but if that kind of thing is not your style she also has adorable fish, octopus, and many more. My pick though is a little black voo doo doll with red heart-maybe I love it so much because it reminds me of my own drawings, Squiddles - Can you see the resemblance?(mine is white) Maybe the hubz will get this one for me cause he is only $5.60. Plus another super cool feature in this shop is you can have any bead made into a pendant so it is ready to go. She will add crystals and a sterling splilampwt ring so it is ready to wear and she does this for just $2.80. That Voodoo You Do

Are you scared of aliens-I hope not and especially when they are this stinkin' cute. This little blue alien caught my eyes when I was browsing with his very cool eye that glows in the dark. How neat is that? This super fun alien is only $5.50 and the artist said drop her a line and she might can do you one in other colors if you are interested. This shop also has some very cool beads like dolls, and funky eyes, and a very cool forest fairy. Aliens at Night


  1. Glasstastic Treasures said...
    Thanks for featuring my voodoo bead!!

    I love Maybeads' items too. She's awesome :)
    Lauren said...
    Right back at you, Glasstastic! I'm honored to be featured, and am in very good company, with Glasstastic's ninja and Girl Friday's alien.

    Thanks so much for the feature!
    Steffi said...
    I love this little alien!!!
    Nothinglikeit said...
    cool beads - that alien is my favorite!
    Whitney said...
    I need that alien. Cute!
    Monica said...
    These are adorible...super cute...thanks for all the great things you have posted here.
    melydia said...
    Squee! So adorable!
    aonbelay said...
    Love the little blue guy! He would look fantastic on top of my computer LOL

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