Monday, July 6, 2009

Get Personal

I personally love personalized items. They make great gifts for friends by adding an inside joke or something that is special only between the two of you. They are also perfect treats for ourselves-put a mantra for yourself on this bracelet. You know something to lift your spirits, keep you focused, remind you what's important. This bracelet is customizable in every way. You choose the size, color, and of course words. You can also add designs like hearts or stars. My fave thing about this one is that it is not a thick leather bracelet-easy to wear everyday. So leave me a comment and tell me What Would You Say on your bracelet? Lovely Leather


  1. Love 2 B Inspired said...
    OH I know my teenager would love these. I think I would put "FOCUS" on his..hee hee. That's something we say to him alot with his ADD. Maybe it would be a reminder in school. I think he would like his to have one of his favorite name brand clothing lines on it.
    aosLeather said...
    Thanks for featuring my bands! :-D
    YoursTruli said...
    Those are really fab! I know my daughter would love these and I really like personalized jewelry always makes such a special gift.

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