Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Handmade shops on Etsy and Artfire with no sales sometimes have amazing finds so I like to find some awesome things from these shops and share them with you guys. I am a self-proclaimed foodie-my belly would be proof of that :) So I have chosen all kinds of Fabulously Funky jewelry for the foodie today.

Nothing is quite as classic as a peanut butter & jelly sammie. These are best friend necklaces - one is the peanut butter side and the other is the jelly side. You get to keep one and give one away. I would like to keep jelly and give pb to the hubz-it's manly right? They both come on a sterling chain and the price is right at $40 for the set. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

I have said it once and I'll say it again-cupcakes are my kryptonite! This is a little devil cupcake-I need it to remind me cupcakes are the devil :). Super cute, made from polymer clay, on black rubber cord. This cupcake would make a great B-day gift for that person in your life that likes things a little different. At only $15 you can treat a friend and keep your wallet full. Cupcakes are the Devil

These are sweet treats for your ears-not your hips. Small vanilla cream truffle earrings. Are you a biter? When I get one of those mixed boxes of candy I take small bites out of them-you know checking for coconut or other grossness. Well someone has already done us the favor of biting these sweet truffles. This shop has other delicious flavors as well-including Awesome Alien and Key Lime. These can be yours for $8.99. Candy for the Soul

Monday, June 29, 2009

Roses Are Red...

and blue, and green, and yellow, and pink, and black! I just spent way too long in the shop where I found these earrings. This shop has so many flower earrings in any color you could want-not just roses either-they have chrysanthemums, daisies, mums, and lillies to name a few. My pick are these roses. They are Fabulously Funky and can be all yours at only $4.25. Fancy Flowers

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mr. Roboto-Domo-Domo

My handmade item of the day is a robot pouch. He is made of silver vinyl and has some pretty cool details. I love his sparkle belly and little red heart. He would be great for a camera, make-up, or whatever you can think to put in his belly. There are other varieties in her shop for you to choose from-including one with a mustache. This guy can be your robot for $25. Do the Robot

Saturday, June 27, 2009

In my daily search of awesome handmade finds I keep coming across these Fabulously Funky plush friends. So I searched a bit more and found bunches of coolness in plush form. Added bonus-nothing over $10!

This first find is pretty great and I think would make a fabulous gift for a friend or co-worker. It is an "Emotional". The eyes can be bent to show different emotions plus who doesn't love some crazy hair? They come in many colors and are only $8. Show Some Emotion

Is there anyone out there that doesn't think ninjas are awesome? I didn't think so. My next find is a tiny pink ninja in a bag. She is super cute and portable and I am thinking would be great for a friend going through a hard time or just a bit of encouragement and support-help her kick a little butt ninja style. If pink isn't your thing the ninja is also available in black $6 for this tiny treasure. Hi Ya!

As an elementary teacher I see kids loose teeth daily.. They are so excited to show you the gaping hole in their mouth-even if you aren't so excited to see it. So for that reason I chose this-it is a tooth pillow that you leave for the tooth fairy. With this one you put the tooth or money in the mouth-it is a little pocket! It also comes in many colors and includes its own pillow case! Only $6 and such a fun thing for kids. Tooth Pillow

This next one is just cuteness all over the place! He is a little tie-dye monster holding a baby blue monster. The details are embroidered-skills I will never possess myself. While I was looking at this one my husband looked over and said "What's that cuteness?" Enough said! Only $5.50 which I think is an amazing price for such an awesome handmade creature just waiting for a home. Stuffie Monster

I've struck gold! This is a little gold nugget plush. I love her shiny fabric! She just speaks to me. She is small and fun. Her eyes and mouth were made from felt and you can bring home this little nugget for just $5. Strike Gold


Friday, June 26, 2009

Is Your Pottery Sexy?

Ok so I am totally in love! This is the essence of Fabulously Funky! These pots are so diva-like and different and well it's just plain cool. This is a pot of sorts-the artist calls them "Sex Pots" which is such a clever name. I don't know what you would use it for but use it for something-anything. It is food safe so you could use it at a party. The artist of these awesome pots will make you one to order-you choose the colors, fishnet or striped stockings. She also has ones already made in her shop in a variety of colors. I am dying for one of these and considering it is only $35 I might just have to get one for myself for no reason at all :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mac & Cheese Anyone?

Being a southern girl I know a lot about Mac & Cheese and my husband says that is why he fell in love with me. This bowl of macaroni looks good enough to eat but I wouldn't recommend it since it is actually a candle! It is self-assembly so you just pour the "noodles" in the bowl and add the wick-don't worry it comes with instructions. You can use the small white bowl it comes with or one of your own. You get two set of noodles-unscented. This would be awesome on your kitchen counter or a great gift. $15 and you know-Fabulously Funky!
Be Cheesy

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ring Around The Rosie

My item of the day is so unique-I love it. I searched Etsy and Artfire for duct tape. My dad is obsessed with duct tape and I once made him a 3D Valentine out of duct tape and let me say it was no easy feat. While searching I found many wallets, some super cool hair clips and these duct tape rose rings! I love that they don't scream "I'm Duct Tape". They are colorful, beautiful, and unique. At only $4 they would make an awesome additional gift for a friend or loved one. There are several color choices to choose from-all fabulously funky!
Be A Duct Tape Diva Here

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here is the third round of Terrific Tuesday featuring undiscovered shops on Etsy and Artfire. I don't always do themes but today my theme is clothes! All of these shops are awaiting their first sale and I don't know why because they are all Fabulously Funky!

Lost the recipe for the muffins? No fear it is on your shirt! This shirt is 100% cotton and comes in sizes XS, S, M, L. Only $17 so love your food and wear it too. Muffin Tee

This tee shirt is super cute and what a hoot! I am a lover of all birds and this owl is awesome! He is a flower print fabric with orange button eyes. This guy is $25. Owl Tee

For the boys or I guess I should say men. I love funny t-shirts and this one is great. Moustache: A sweater for your lips. My husband would love this one. The shirt is available four color choices and is screen printed with the artist's design. Hard to believe it is only $15. Moustache Tee

Buy Handmade! That is what I am always saying. This scarf says the same thing. It is screen printed from artist's original design. It reads "Buy Handmade: Support Local Artists and Save the Earth" . The design is also available on shirts if that is more your thing. The scarf is a tee shirt material so is more about style than warmth. This one is $18 and makes a statement. Handmade Scarf

Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Green?

Today's item comes from Artfire and is such an awesome idea. It is a reusable snack bag! Instead of wasting ziploc after ziploc-or washing your ziplocs (my grandma use to do that) you can use this adorable sushi print pouch. Look cute and help the planet at the same time-I think that is a win win! Washable and keeps your food fresh! Only $6.25 -think what you can save on plastic bags-also come in sets of three.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Be a Doll, Would Ya?

So today's item is a fully personalized doll that is a necklace too. These are wooden and can be customized in every way. You choose the skin color, hair color, dress color, eye color and more! Make yourself or a friend into a doll! This little doll comes in a cute tin perfect for gift giving and is only $15.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Second Installment of Weekend Wonders and this week's theme is Gadget Goodies. I caught myself browsing E-bay yesterday for a new case for my Blackberry and I thought "What am I doing? Buy handmade!" I then moved right on over to Etsy and Artfire and found some awesome holders/cases I want to share. They are mostly good for iPod and cell phones like the Blackberry and the iPhone and some may hold a digi camera. And you know it-they are all Fabulously Funky!

I love something that comes with a story. These handmade cases all come with a card that descibes their personality. Plus you get to choose from bunny, kitty, or puppy and then you still get more choices-would you prefer Broken Hearted Moron Bunny or Diabolical Bunny. These are listed as Ipod holders and may hold a Blackberry but the seller can make the size you want. Only $12 and I must say I am a fan of poor Broken Hearted Moron Bunny!Bunnies can be found here!

I think I may be in love with these! They are so cute and I love how creative that the zipper is the mouth. The case is quilted for extra protection of you device and has a button and loop on the back so you can hang it from your bag or belt loop. The shop have several colors and styles and this one is only $9.90. Feed this guy your gadget!Head purse found here!

I love choices but this one would be a hard one to make. This little holder comes in your choice of monkey, chicken, or penguin. Double layers of felt protect your gadget. This one opens from the right side and your device slips right in. This one is going for $22.
Monkeys, Chickens, and Penguins Oh My!

A monster ate my Blackberry! This is right up my alley. This guy is cavas with a striped lining and has a small pocket for your id or credit card. The shop has several other monster options for you to choose from-all awesome! Bring him home for $14.Click here for Monster Madness!

For the Men-This is such a smart idea! This holder is for the iPod and is made of recycled suit jackets. The seller can customize for the iPod, iPhone, or iTouch. There is elastic that warpas around the button even though you can't see that in this pic. It is only $17.Does it Suit you?

A little bit calmer if you aren't into monsters and animals. This is like a tiny purse for your gadget. I picked the owl because I love birds but this shop has much more sophisticated fabrics such as damask for you to choose from. It has a snap closure and removal wrist strap. Also has room for your cards. This one is going for $14.50.
Make your Gadget Cozy!

Deal of the Day! Got $5? This cute apple is only $3 and shipping is $2.50 so $5.50 will get him in your hands-you can't beat that. Also available in red!
Put your Apple in this Apple!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Be A Flower Child

These earrings caught my eye while surfing through Artfire and when I read the description I knew they were my daily item. Not only are they girlie, dainty, and beautiful but the fabric was from an old ballgown. I love the thought of that. Of course they are fabulously funky and at only $8 you need these in your earring wardrobe.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

These are fun animal cracker soaps that come in the animal cracker box! How cute and only $3.99!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am looking for a wedding gift for my cousin who gets married in July. While I am on this quest I thought I would pick a few of my favorites to share with you. I personally am not the kind of person who buys towel from the registry-how memorable is that? Nobody looks back ten years after their wedding and says Aunt May gave me this dinner plate. So here are a few pieces that will always be remembered. They are all handmade and all fabulously funky and will now be my go to gifts for anyone getting married.

This piece is awesome. I would have loved to received one for my wedding. It is fully customizable and sterling silver. Plus at just $27 how can you go wrong. It is a gift that the will always be treasured and I imagine it will be passed down for generations. It is hand stamped with the bride and groom's names, last name initial and the date-how perfect is that? This site also has personalized items for everyone in the bridal party which is pretty sweet.
Find it here

What a wonderful wedding day reminder is this original art print? How sweet and quaint and we all want to live "Happily Ever After". At only $20 you can still put it in a pretty frame and give a gift that will always hand and remind the couple of their special day.
Buy it Here

Another art print-this one however can be personalized. It is great because you get to choose the color and initial for this one. You can choose colors that match their wedding colors or your own. It can also be made into an invite or announcement if you are looking for that kind of thing. Measures 5x7 so again you can just purchase a perfect frame and voila awesome wedding gift that is original and one of a kind.Here it is

Cute little wedding dish perfect to keep beside the bed for your rings at night or whatever you can think up. This piece can also be customized and is only $13. This shop also has several other wedding options including personalized dishes for bridesmaids.
Find it here

Need a card to attach to that perfect wedding present? I got one for you. I love this card! It comes with a handmade clay magnet bride and groom alien. I am into funky but if you want a little bit more tradition this shop also has one with peas in a pod. This card is only $6! That is what you pay for one of those fancy singing cards but they don't include an awesome handmade keepsake.
Hallmark Eat Your Heart Out

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Again my quest to showcase undiscovered shops on Etsy. I spend way too much time hitting the pounce button to find a few awesome items for you. All of these shops are awaiting their first sale and they all have super cool and unique things you can't find at the mall. They are all Fabulously Funky!

Don't Have A Cow-Or Do Have A Cow
I don't know why I love this ring so much but I do. I personally like unusual jewelry and I use to wear an enormous rabbit ring every day until it got too big and I was scared I would lose it. This is a handmade sterling silver cow ring. He is awesome in my book and if I had the extra dough he would be mine :) The artist can make it in any size you want and it is only $38.http://kuhgirl.etsy.com

Sentimental Art
This shop has so many wonderfully sentimental and meaningful art prints. They are all limited and numbered and currently there is a buy one print get one free sale. These prints would make awesome housewarming or wedding gifts. Some just have sayings others just have pictures and others have both. This is an awesome find even if I do say so myself :)

The details on this little handmade Sculpey ragdoll are fantastic. She is super cute and would make a great little desk decoration-even if you have to be dressed in your work clothes Christine can be there to show your wilder side with her mismatched stockings and green hair.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And the winner is....

Cheryl!!!!! Yay! New giveaway posting this week! Keep playing and thanks for all the feedback! You guys are awesome!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

This morning I thought I would find a few amazing handmade items from shops on Etsy with no sales yet. I know how it feels anxiously waiting that first sell. There are some really cool undiscovered shops out there-here are a few of my picks for today. And yes they are all fabulously funky!

Sock Babe-This is just down right cute and fun. She looks to be really well made and is going for just $12. Give an original gift that stands out-how many of these do you see at Toys R Us?

Old Goat Birthday Card-This is a truly one of a kind birthday card. It has an awesome goat with a jingly bell. The shop name is Moody Goat which I also love. I had a pet goat named Mokey growing up so they will always have a special place in my heart.


Linen Bird Cuff-If you read my blog I have mentioned loving birds before so this cuff was a no brainer. This is a lined cuff with little birds on a branch. I think this piece is very unique and would make a heartfelt gift. In my opinion it is the kind of jewelry you put on in the morning and smile as you remember who gave it to you and why.

Girl on the Moon-This is a beautiful print of a girl reading a book on the moon. I love the colors. The print is signed and numbered on the back.

Henri-original art-To be honest it was hard to pick just one of this shop's pieces for the blog. There are several awesome watercolors similar to this one. I finally decided on Henri-he likes to eat flower petals. This is original art for only $8. It is also matted so all you have to do is stick it in a frame and voila!http://eyecandii.etsy.com

Monday, June 8, 2009

New ArtFire Shop

So I spent my entire day in front of the computer getting my artfire shop up and running. I still need to add a few more items but it exists! If you feel like checking it out please do-as an added incentive if you make a purchase in my shop and mention that you follow my blog I will thow in a free pair of earrings! Visit j2fabfunk's ArtFire Shop

Getting Personal

I have added three new items to my Etsy shop that are personally yours. They are made from your photo! You can even make one from your kids art. You can choose from a pendant or a keychain. The pendant comes on beaded necklace. Great for birth announcements, wedding favors, bridesmaid gifts, or any gift for a loved one. I can also make a keychain for you from your business card-great way of promoting your business. The possibilities with these items are endless and I would love to make a special keepsake just for you.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend Wonders is a new series I am starting with a different theme each weekend. This weekend the theme is clay-specifically polymer clay. I have found a few great unique handmade items for you to choose from-you know a little handmade pick-me up, all from Etsy. These items would also make great girlfriend gifts or gifts for a family member with a summer birthday approaching.
Fabulously Funky Finds:
My first find was what brought about this blog. I fell in love with the items in this shop. The pieces are clay and so detailed and beautiful. They are the epitome of fabulously funky. This necklace is only $18 and I hope you love her as much as me. Red Fenyx's shop also had Disney characters such as Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty. Be careful there are also a few Evil Queens!

This shop has some amazing stuff. My pick is the most affordable and super cute. He is a pocket octopus! The artist makes them as they are order so yours would be made just for you! You get to choose your color combinations as well. I would like to stick one of these in my husband's car as a nice surprise on a Monday morning. Pack him in a your babies pocket as you send them off to camp or brighten a friend's day with one of these cuties.

This keychain would make a great gift for a summer bride using her new last name initial. These keychains are only $8 and come in an adorable gift tin. You get to choose the colors as well. This shop also has initial pendants.

Cupcakes are my kryptonite-meaning if I let myself I could eat them till I was sick so I could not resist these earrings. They are made from polymer clay and hang from sterling silver wires. They are only $6.50 and would make a great gift for the birthday girl. Yummy and calorie free!


How deatiled and fun are these rings?! You get your choice of Caramel Fruit, Oreo Chocolate, and Chocolate Fruit. These mini cakes look so real and at just $10 you can have your cake and well you know the rest.


This shop has some super cute stuff and my pick is this item because you can make it 100% yours! You decide if you want a pendant, cell strap, brooch, magnet-the list goes on. Then you get to choose from, initial monogram, bakery (pies, doughnuts, cake, a piece of cake, cupcake, etc.), candy (lollypop, candy cane, candy, etc.), chocolate bar, or animal. Give a handmade gift from the heart-show some love!



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