Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weird Wednesday

This artist has some beautiful art shots in her Artfire shop. She also has some that are oddly strange involving dolls heads and bodies. They are without a doubt eye catching and would be great at starting a conversation at you home. You can get these prints in various sizes-a 4x6 is $10.80. Brussel Sprouts Baby


  1. Nothinglikeit said...
    Twisted and ridiculously funny - I love it!
    Lazy Daisy Glass said...
    Just popping along to say hi, hello from Scotland (via Swapbot).

    You have a lovely blog and I like the quirkiness of it, especially the Brussel Sprout Art - very funny.

    Hope you have a good week and lots of blog visitors.
    Batmamma said...
    Can´t decide if I think it´s weird or brilliant :D
    CastleberryAntiques said...
    I think this is really fun!
    Debbie in Nashville said...
    This is interesting...what fun!

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