Thursday, July 2, 2009

If You're Feelin' Froggy...

Jump! My item today is a set of hand painted bags-the artist calls them Frogger and Tadpole-cute! One is a wristlet with yellow zipper and the other is smaller with a velcro closure. Both are lined. Tadpole is great for your cash and you will have cash to put in Tadpole cause this one is on clearance for $12. This shop has amazing hand painted canvas bags with much attention to detail like matching zippers and beaded zipper pulls. Frogger and Tadpole


  1. Martha said...
    How cute, I love green. thank so much.
    Glint Gear said...
    Thanks so much for featuring my items! This is awesome! Mention you saw Glint Gear on Fabulously Funky and get free shipping!
    planettreasures said...
    Some more great finds!
    I have nominated your blog for this award
    I hope you dont mind.
    Keep up the good work!

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