Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Dog-gone" Weekend Wonders

This weekend's theme is gone to the dogs! I have two dogs and am always spoiling them. One hates clothes but loves collars and has more beds than the law should allow and the other is hairless and always wears clothes cause he is always cold and loves toys more than a kid at Christmas :) So this one is for Dot and Millhouse aka B.Rad.

My first one is a Dot Dot selection. It is a travel bed with a convenient little sack to carry it in. When you get where you are going just take the pillow out and voila-instant pet bed that is water resistant which is great for accidents as well as wet grounds if you are camping-Dot Dot and I are not campers but we are happy this awesome travel bed is only $30 :) Puppy Backpack Bed

Next we have a little something for Millhouse. One of my first posts was about Millhouse being addicted to coffee-he will do anything to get to my cup of joe and extra energy is the last thing this dog needs. This is the kind of coffee I approve of for my little caffeine addict. It is a Starbarks Squeaky toy size grande but venti is also available if you need a larger size. It is made from a soft white fleece and has been puppy tested. At only $5 your dog's coffee habit will be cheaper than yours. One on Every Dog Bed

Dot really is the sweetest thing ever and this collar will make her look even sweeter! This is a crochet purple collar with white rose. It is available in several colors but can also be customized in sizes and color combos of your choice. If you dog is like Dot and just wears a collar for looks this one is perfect. I also think if you wanted your dog to be in your wedding this would be a great accessory in your wedding colors - Dot was our ring bearer :) This one is $8 and can also be made in human sizes if you want to match your pup.
Flower Dog

Millhouse is tough! He likes his tanks to show off his ripped little arms. This shirt will help him pull off his tough guy persona with a dog skull and crossbones. It is available in red and black and sizes small through extra large for 12 bones. There wasn't a dog tee in this shop that I didn't love and don't know which one I would be they are all so great. They also have one that says "I forgot my pants" and "My owner makers me wear this stupid shirt". As well as robots and skeletons tees. I love this shop and I am thinking B.Rad may need a new summer tank. Dog Tees


  1. susan fyfe said...
    Such a cute picture of the hairless dog all dressed up. Is it a mexican hairless? I have a yorkie who is almost bald!
    clenna said...
    I love dogs - all kinds. I have had three goldens over the past twenty years. (now I only have one) But I could always take in one or two more but hubby says no way! Oh well, I can dream.
    Petula said...
    Interesting doggy clothes! :)

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