Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am looking for a wedding gift for my cousin who gets married in July. While I am on this quest I thought I would pick a few of my favorites to share with you. I personally am not the kind of person who buys towel from the registry-how memorable is that? Nobody looks back ten years after their wedding and says Aunt May gave me this dinner plate. So here are a few pieces that will always be remembered. They are all handmade and all fabulously funky and will now be my go to gifts for anyone getting married.

This piece is awesome. I would have loved to received one for my wedding. It is fully customizable and sterling silver. Plus at just $27 how can you go wrong. It is a gift that the will always be treasured and I imagine it will be passed down for generations. It is hand stamped with the bride and groom's names, last name initial and the date-how perfect is that? This site also has personalized items for everyone in the bridal party which is pretty sweet.
Find it here

What a wonderful wedding day reminder is this original art print? How sweet and quaint and we all want to live "Happily Ever After". At only $20 you can still put it in a pretty frame and give a gift that will always hand and remind the couple of their special day.
Buy it Here

Another art print-this one however can be personalized. It is great because you get to choose the color and initial for this one. You can choose colors that match their wedding colors or your own. It can also be made into an invite or announcement if you are looking for that kind of thing. Measures 5x7 so again you can just purchase a perfect frame and voila awesome wedding gift that is original and one of a kind.Here it is

Cute little wedding dish perfect to keep beside the bed for your rings at night or whatever you can think up. This piece can also be customized and is only $13. This shop also has several other wedding options including personalized dishes for bridesmaids.
Find it here

Need a card to attach to that perfect wedding present? I got one for you. I love this card! It comes with a handmade clay magnet bride and groom alien. I am into funky but if you want a little bit more tradition this shop also has one with peas in a pod. This card is only $6! That is what you pay for one of those fancy singing cards but they don't include an awesome handmade keepsake.
Hallmark Eat Your Heart Out

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  1. Shirley said...
    All these handmade wedding gifts are cute and adorable. Well, handmade gifts are always my first choice.

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