Saturday, June 20, 2009

Second Installment of Weekend Wonders and this week's theme is Gadget Goodies. I caught myself browsing E-bay yesterday for a new case for my Blackberry and I thought "What am I doing? Buy handmade!" I then moved right on over to Etsy and Artfire and found some awesome holders/cases I want to share. They are mostly good for iPod and cell phones like the Blackberry and the iPhone and some may hold a digi camera. And you know it-they are all Fabulously Funky!

I love something that comes with a story. These handmade cases all come with a card that descibes their personality. Plus you get to choose from bunny, kitty, or puppy and then you still get more choices-would you prefer Broken Hearted Moron Bunny or Diabolical Bunny. These are listed as Ipod holders and may hold a Blackberry but the seller can make the size you want. Only $12 and I must say I am a fan of poor Broken Hearted Moron Bunny!Bunnies can be found here!

I think I may be in love with these! They are so cute and I love how creative that the zipper is the mouth. The case is quilted for extra protection of you device and has a button and loop on the back so you can hang it from your bag or belt loop. The shop have several colors and styles and this one is only $9.90. Feed this guy your gadget!Head purse found here!

I love choices but this one would be a hard one to make. This little holder comes in your choice of monkey, chicken, or penguin. Double layers of felt protect your gadget. This one opens from the right side and your device slips right in. This one is going for $22.
Monkeys, Chickens, and Penguins Oh My!

A monster ate my Blackberry! This is right up my alley. This guy is cavas with a striped lining and has a small pocket for your id or credit card. The shop has several other monster options for you to choose from-all awesome! Bring him home for $14.Click here for Monster Madness!

For the Men-This is such a smart idea! This holder is for the iPod and is made of recycled suit jackets. The seller can customize for the iPod, iPhone, or iTouch. There is elastic that warpas around the button even though you can't see that in this pic. It is only $17.Does it Suit you?

A little bit calmer if you aren't into monsters and animals. This is like a tiny purse for your gadget. I picked the owl because I love birds but this shop has much more sophisticated fabrics such as damask for you to choose from. It has a snap closure and removal wrist strap. Also has room for your cards. This one is going for $14.50.
Make your Gadget Cozy!

Deal of the Day! Got $5? This cute apple is only $3 and shipping is $2.50 so $5.50 will get him in your hands-you can't beat that. Also available in red!
Put your Apple in this Apple!

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  1. neilwaukee said...
    adorable apple pouch-does it come in fanny pack style ?

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