Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend Wonders is a new series I am starting with a different theme each weekend. This weekend the theme is clay-specifically polymer clay. I have found a few great unique handmade items for you to choose from-you know a little handmade pick-me up, all from Etsy. These items would also make great girlfriend gifts or gifts for a family member with a summer birthday approaching.
Fabulously Funky Finds:
My first find was what brought about this blog. I fell in love with the items in this shop. The pieces are clay and so detailed and beautiful. They are the epitome of fabulously funky. This necklace is only $18 and I hope you love her as much as me. Red Fenyx's shop also had Disney characters such as Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty. Be careful there are also a few Evil Queens!

This shop has some amazing stuff. My pick is the most affordable and super cute. He is a pocket octopus! The artist makes them as they are order so yours would be made just for you! You get to choose your color combinations as well. I would like to stick one of these in my husband's car as a nice surprise on a Monday morning. Pack him in a your babies pocket as you send them off to camp or brighten a friend's day with one of these cuties.

This keychain would make a great gift for a summer bride using her new last name initial. These keychains are only $8 and come in an adorable gift tin. You get to choose the colors as well. This shop also has initial pendants.

Cupcakes are my kryptonite-meaning if I let myself I could eat them till I was sick so I could not resist these earrings. They are made from polymer clay and hang from sterling silver wires. They are only $6.50 and would make a great gift for the birthday girl. Yummy and calorie free!

How deatiled and fun are these rings?! You get your choice of Caramel Fruit, Oreo Chocolate, and Chocolate Fruit. These mini cakes look so real and at just $10 you can have your cake and well you know the rest.

This shop has some super cute stuff and my pick is this item because you can make it 100% yours! You decide if you want a pendant, cell strap, brooch, magnet-the list goes on. Then you get to choose from, initial monogram, bakery (pies, doughnuts, cake, a piece of cake, cupcake, etc.), candy (lollypop, candy cane, candy, etc.), chocolate bar, or animal. Give a handmade gift from the heart-show some love!

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  1. RedFenyx said...
    Thank You so much for featuring my little Eve on your lovely blog!
    Love your choices, some seem really delicious ;D
    Have a lovely Sunday!

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