Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Plush Plunders" Weekend Wonders

In my daily search of awesome handmade finds I keep coming across these Fabulously Funky plush friends. So I searched a bit more and found bunches of coolness in plush form. Added bonus-nothing over $10!

This first find is pretty great and I think would make a fabulous gift for a friend or co-worker. It is an "Emotional". The eyes can be bent to show different emotions plus who doesn't love some crazy hair? They come in many colors and are only $8. Show Some Emotion

Is there anyone out there that doesn't think ninjas are awesome? I didn't think so. My next find is a tiny pink ninja in a bag. She is super cute and portable and I am thinking would be great for a friend going through a hard time or just a bit of encouragement and support-help her kick a little butt ninja style. If pink isn't your thing the ninja is also available in black $6 for this tiny treasure. Hi Ya!

As an elementary teacher I see kids loose teeth daily.. They are so excited to show you the gaping hole in their mouth-even if you aren't so excited to see it. So for that reason I chose this-it is a tooth pillow that you leave for the tooth fairy. With this one you put the tooth or money in the mouth-it is a little pocket! It also comes in many colors and includes its own pillow case! Only $6 and such a fun thing for kids. Tooth Pillow

This next one is just cuteness all over the place! He is a little tie-dye monster holding a baby blue monster. The details are embroidered-skills I will never possess myself. While I was looking at this one my husband looked over and said "What's that cuteness?" Enough said! Only $5.50 which I think is an amazing price for such an awesome handmade creature just waiting for a home. Stuffie Monster

I've struck gold! This is a little gold nugget plush. I love her shiny fabric! She just speaks to me. She is small and fun. Her eyes and mouth were made from felt and you can bring home this little nugget for just $5. Strike Gold


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  1. Felicia said...
    So glad my little creatures gave you a giggle!

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