Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Terrific Tuesday Round 4

Handmade shops on Etsy and Artfire with no sales sometimes have amazing finds so I like to find some awesome things from these shops and share them with you guys. I am a self-proclaimed foodie-my belly would be proof of that :) So I have chosen all kinds of Fabulously Funky jewelry for the foodie today.

Nothing is quite as classic as a peanut butter & jelly sammie. These are best friend necklaces - one is the peanut butter side and the other is the jelly side. You get to keep one and give one away. I would like to keep jelly and give pb to the hubz-it's manly right? They both come on a sterling chain and the price is right at $40 for the set. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

I have said it once and I'll say it again-cupcakes are my kryptonite! This is a little devil cupcake-I need it to remind me cupcakes are the devil :). Super cute, made from polymer clay, on black rubber cord. This cupcake would make a great B-day gift for that person in your life that likes things a little different. At only $15 you can treat a friend and keep your wallet full. Cupcakes are the Devil

These are sweet treats for your ears-not your hips. Small vanilla cream truffle earrings. Are you a biter? When I get one of those mixed boxes of candy I take small bites out of them-you know checking for coconut or other grossness. Well someone has already done us the favor of biting these sweet truffles. This shop has other delicious flavors as well-including Awesome Alien and Key Lime. These can be yours for $8.99. Candy for the Soul

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  1. Steffi said...
    Thank you so so very much for featuring my devil cupcake necklace!!

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