Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Dog and Coffee

I am a self-proclaimed coffee addict. I don't need the caffeine I need the flavor. I can drink a cup and go to bed 5 minutes later-I am immune to its wake me up qualities. Anyway the point of all of this is my dog. He apparently takes after his mother. Over the past few months I have caught him stealing coffee from my cup when I leave it on the coffee table. Let me preface this by saying he is the most hyper dog I have ever met. He is one of "those" dogs-you know the kind that when you go visit a friend he is all over you to the point it is annoying-that is my boy, Millhouse aka B.Rad. Millhouse and coffee don't mix. Yesterday I found him slurping it down and I told him I was sad and he quit. However, twenty minutes later he puked foamy coffee all over the place. This is only perfect because last week after his first beach trip in which he ate sand-he puked sand granules everywhere. Life with Millhouse is always an adventure. He is hairless and cute ugly, my shadow and snuggle bunny.


  1. sassypackrat said...
    He's adorable but seriously needs to lay off the coffee and sand!
    Anonymous said...
    Cute! What kind of dog is Millhouse? Did you name him after the coffee brand?
    j2fabfunk said...
    Thanks. Millhouse is a Xoloitzcuintle (how you pronounce it I have no idea). His breed is called Xolo for short or Mexican hairless. He was a wedding present even though I am pretty sure I was not registered for any bald dogs. I named him after the place we got married-Mills House Hotel-the name suits him perfectly.
    minishoes1 said...
    So Cute! I hope he's not getting addicted to coffee! My dog loves butterscotch candy. She found a piece in the floor and I had to hide the candy dish. She was looking at it all day,like she was in a trance. lol
    free indeed said...
    Glad you have a great relationship with Millhouse. I am not an animal lover...get that from my Mom, but I do respect other people's love for their pets/family members. The puking would drive me nuts! But he does look like a natural for coffee drinking...a best buddy in everything!

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