Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Green?

Today's item comes from Artfire and is such an awesome idea. It is a reusable snack bag! Instead of wasting ziploc after ziploc-or washing your ziplocs (my grandma use to do that) you can use this adorable sushi print pouch. Look cute and help the planet at the same time-I think that is a win win! Washable and keeps your food fresh! Only $6.25 -think what you can save on plastic bags-also come in sets of three.


  1. payments said...
    WOW! Thanks so much for featuring one of my items! I appreciate it greatly! :) What an honor! :)

    Thanks again! I have dozens of styles and take custom orders! WOOHOO!


    Bella said...
    Holy Cannoli! What a great idea! I get so sick of using zip lock bags because they get expensive! I might have to feature this on my blog in the future!
    BPR Designs said...
    what a great product!!!
    Adorebynat said...
    That is such a cute and eco friendly product. Much better than ziploc.

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