Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Terrific Tuesday Round 2

Again my quest to showcase undiscovered shops on Etsy. I spend way too much time hitting the pounce button to find a few awesome items for you. All of these shops are awaiting their first sale and they all have super cool and unique things you can't find at the mall. They are all Fabulously Funky!

Don't Have A Cow-Or Do Have A Cow
I don't know why I love this ring so much but I do. I personally like unusual jewelry and I use to wear an enormous rabbit ring every day until it got too big and I was scared I would lose it. This is a handmade sterling silver cow ring. He is awesome in my book and if I had the extra dough he would be mine :) The artist can make it in any size you want and it is only $38.http://kuhgirl.etsy.com

Sentimental Art
This shop has so many wonderfully sentimental and meaningful art prints. They are all limited and numbered and currently there is a buy one print get one free sale. These prints would make awesome housewarming or wedding gifts. Some just have sayings others just have pictures and others have both. This is an awesome find even if I do say so myself :)

The details on this little handmade Sculpey ragdoll are fantastic. She is super cute and would make a great little desk decoration-even if you have to be dressed in your work clothes Christine can be there to show your wilder side with her mismatched stockings and green hair.

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  1. woolies said...
    very cool cow ring!

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