Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My handmade pick today are these fabulous-go with anything-earrings. They are sterling silver and crystal and reflect any color around. I think these would be great on a daily basis or you could dress them up. For just $12 you can't really go wrong with these little sparklers. Plus the name Northern Lights makes them even cooler in my book. Get Your Sparkle On

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Still back to school special week at Fab Funk! I have had this lunch bag on my Artfire Hotlist for weeks waiting to use it! This lunch bag is super cute and here are a few more reasons she is awesome-brown bag shaped which I love, machine washable, her mouth is a pocket, and she is insulated. She is $32 and comes in a variety colors-my favs pink and purple. Did I mention her name is Gwen? I am a grown woman and I want to carry my lunch to school in this girlie monster. You can find this and other unique gifts at Artfire for any occasion so check it out and support handmade when shopping back to school-give them something unique, unforgettable and made with love.
Lunch Monster

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I picked this as part of my back to school special week. This notebook is awesome on so many levels! He is called a Worry Woolie and is meant to make your worries disappear when you write them inside! There is a super cute poem about them as well. They are $15 and are available in a variety of funky colors. Worry Woolies are pocket sized so they can go everywhere with you. Kids and adults both have lives that are filled with stress and worry so what a fun and comforting gift this would make for your kids going off to college or elementary school-hey they could always draw in them if they can't write yet!
Write Your Worries Away

Monday, August 3, 2009

All my picks this week will be great back to school purchases for your little ones or yourself if you are a teacher like me. Send your kids back to school with unique handmade items that stand out in the best way!

Today's pick is something I really want and would be great for your student lunch. My pick today is the sandwich and snack bag set. They are available in many different colors and it was hard to make a decision but I picked this black and white set with the super cute mouse. I am always trying to eat healthy and I pack a lunch everyday-this duo would be great for my sandwich and chips plus it saves you money in the long run! Not to mention eating my diet sammie would be way more fun with this cute packaging! They are $12 for the set and easy to clean-just wipe them down inside and out. I also think these would make great gifts for my teacher friends because they are so environmentally friendly and cute! Lunch Bag Duo

Friday, July 31, 2009

Are You Stinky?

I am really feeling the love for the hubz right now. He likes to call me stinky and that is why I picked the skunk from this shop-it reminded me of a gift I would give him-you know "Love, Stinky". This shop is filled with all of these amazing polymer clay creatures complete with their own habitat-koalas, poodles, pigs, monkeys, and so many more! Plus you can take the little animal out of his "home". They would make a great gift-they come in a handmade box and adoption certificate-just precious and they are priced at $22.49. Leave a comment and let me know which animal would you pick and why? Roly Poly

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Go Maddog!

that is what my husband says when he is trying to get our dog all fired up and crazy! Anyway, for me today's pick is what handmade is all about. The inspiration behind it is great-you will have to read it in her shop if you are curious. But it is a simple idea this funky dog necklace-made with love and creativity. It is only $5 and I think this dog is just the right amount of Fabulously Funky and I would love to wear one around my neck. He is 3 inches long and 1 inch wide he also comes with a thread so he is ready to rock. Dog Days

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weird Wednesday

This artist has some beautiful art shots in her Artfire shop. She also has some that are oddly strange involving dolls heads and bodies. They are without a doubt eye catching and would be great at starting a conversation at you home. You can get these prints in various sizes-a 4x6 is $10.80. Brussel Sprouts Baby


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